Fire and Safety Services

Fire Stopping Installation

Restricting a fire and it’s components; flames, smoke and toxic gases, to its point of origin is a crucial component of effective fire stopping and passive fire protection of a building. It is important to preserve structural integrity of building compartments where communications, service and utilities go through fire resisting walls. Key areas to consider are;

  • construction linear joints
  • apertures and penetrations via floors and walls
  • cavity barriers
  • service openings within wall surfaces and floors
  • combustible pipes and cables

There are a wide range of passive fire protection solutions and fire-stopping products that can be utilised to effectively seal penetrations, apertures and openings within a building’s fire compartments. These include; fire batts, covers, mastic sealants, fireboards, collars, mortars, fire curtains, putties and pillows.

Urban Construction Management is a certified installer by BM Trada. This accreditation of installers of materials provides a means of ensuring that installations have been conducted by knowledgeable contractors to appropriate standards thereby increasing reliability of the anticipated performance in a fire.


Highlights of our Fire and Safety Services

Expertise in fire safety regulations
Comprehensive fire safety solutions
Timely inspections and maintenance
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