Fire Door Alterations, Installations, Maintenance & Survey

Urban Construction Management are certified to inspect, maintain and ensure that your fire doors are working properly in all situations. We recognise the importance of efficient fire doors to prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout buildings so we also provide an efficient repair service and on-time maintenance.

At Urban Construction Management, we work under the guidance of BM Trada’s Q-Mark accreditations for fire door installation and maintenance. This allows us to offer fire door services including;

  • Fire door surveys
  • Fire door inspection
  • Fire door supply and installation
  • On-going maintenance of existing fire doors.

By offering this comprehensive and accredited package Urban Construction Management stands out from our competitors. This means you can rely on Urban Construction Management for all your fire door requirements.

Our qualified and experienced experts have the proficiency to work with you to ensure you are complying with current fire regulations. Our fire door experts can provide a thorough inspection of all the fire doors in your buildings. By following BM Trada’s Q-Mark guidelines, you are assured all items of a fire door’s functionality with regards to its passive fire protection integrity are included.

Following the survey, Fire Door Experts will submit a detailed fire door survey report and cost estimate. Our quotations can include making fire doors fit for purpose and maintaining them back to their originally designed fire rating. Alternatively should a door be found to be beyond economical repair, or non-fire rated, a quotation will be offered to replace on a like-for-like basis.

Fire Door Alterations Services

Our expertise in fire door alterations services is reflected in our ability to enhance fire safety measures and ensure compliance with regulations.

With a deep understanding of fire safety standards and industry best practices, we excel in providing precise and effective alterations to existing fire doors.

Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments of fire doors, identifies areas for improvement, and implements tailored alterations to reinforce their fire resistance and performance.

Client satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and we strive to exceed expectations by delivering reliable and efficient fire door alterations that enhance the overall fire safety of properties.

Fire and Safety Services

Fire Stopping Installation

Restricting a fire and it’s components; flames, smoke and toxic gases, to its point of origin is a crucial component of effective fire stopping and passive fire protection of a building. It is important to preserve structural integrity of building compartments where communications, service and utilities go through fire resisting walls. Key areas to consider are;

  • construction linear joints
  • apertures and penetrations via floors and walls
  • cavity barriers
  • service openings within wall surfaces and floors
  • combustible pipes and cables

There are a wide range of passive fire protection solutions and fire-stopping products that can be utilised to effectively seal penetrations, apertures and openings within a building’s fire compartments. These include; fire batts, covers, mastic sealants, fireboards, collars, mortars, fire curtains, putties and pillows.

Urban Construction Management is a certified installer by BM Trada. This accreditation of installers of materials provides a means of ensuring that installations have been conducted by knowledgeable contractors to appropriate standards thereby increasing reliability of the anticipated performance in a fire.


Highlights of our Fire Door Alterations, Installations, Maintenance & Survey

Expert fire door installations
Comprehensive maintenance services
Compliance with fire safety standards
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